Thursday, February 14, 2008

a w a r d

2 posts in 1 day.

Wow, didn't expect myself to do this. Actually, I have thought of just editing the previous post to fit this piece of article, but...well, I don't want to junk up my previous article with too many unrelated matters, so let's just leave this special piece of article with upmost appreciation to our nice, dear Pelfy, who have awarded me with my 1st ever award as a blogger.

"You make my day" award!

Seriously, I've never (yes, never) ever expected, or even thought of receiving any award for blogging. What's more, frankly speaking, most of my blog posts aren't really as informative as Pelf/my dai kah cher's blog nor as hilarious as the popular Kenny Sia's. Instead, this blog is just a ranting place to vent my sorrow, 'short-lived' joy, anger, dissatisfaction, and everything negative into one single location. Nevertheless, every single post of my blog is written true from the heart, and nothing will ever change the style of my own, personal blog. And that is why you won't see ads nor 'copy-&-paste-without-permission' crap in my blog.

Following Pelfy's footsteps, I sincerely pass on this award to my beloved fellow friends a.k.a bloggers:

- Eve
- Grace
- Hazel

Notice something familiar? Yes! They are actually on my blogroll/ blog links list, and their blogs are the ones I visit most frequently. But their blogs are worth visiting, and they deserve this award much more than I am.

Cheers, people.


Grace Koh said...

Thanks! :)

evelyn tea said...

thanks Jian! whoa... that's really flattering, the award is. I have never received any award for blogging before.. so YOU MADE MY DAY..