Sunday, March 09, 2008

u n e x p e c t e d

After voting yesterday, I didn't give a d*mn bout the results, bearing in mind that "Bah, Barisan Nasional (BN) will win this general election again, no doubt."

I went online till the wee hours of 5am this morning, and doze off to sleep without further thought about the election results'.


Early this morning, around 10am.

I was still fast asleep when I was awaken by the shouts (yes, SHOUTS) of my mum which says that the opposition has won 4 states in Malaysia. With the blurring thought and sleepy eyes, I got up from my bed, took around a few seconds to settle down before crying out (in my heart) a loud..


Think of it. How often do you hear stuffs like this?

After settling the usual morning routines, I switched on my PC and logged online to The Star Online to check the news. And...

This is what happened.


Personally, I don't really give a d*mn whether BN or the opposition wins the general election. Like what I've said before, I won't get richer nor become happier when an opposition candidate wins a parliament or state seat. It's freaking none of my business, and I, as an ordinary citizen just like you who's reading this post right now, live my life just like everybody else. What matters more to me is whether the price of petrol or food will increase again, or the usual route that I take everyday to work will be jam or not.

Nevertheless, I just want to congratulate everyone who have participated on this general election. A short note to all those who have won their respective seats:

Cut the crap and do your job well.

And the main emphasis is definitely at the last word.

*bye, Mr Samy.V. The toll contractors...ohh, I mean, Malaysian citizens will miss you.*

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