Friday, December 21, 2007

h o l i d a y s

'Disclaimer : This post may contain unwanted mathematical, calculations, date related issues and terms which can relate to laziness and reduced effectiveness towards work. Please do not read this post if you're stoned, sleepy, pissed off with work, just got scolded by your boss, or if you simply hate those d*mb date calculations bothering your life. Thank you for your kind attention.'


After officially working for 3 months under this "so-called-software-house", I got myself a nice, long, stretch of annual leave which cuts across 2 public holidays, namely Hari Raya Haji & Christmas. I wouldn't say this is my 1st leave since I joined this company (as I have taken 2 days leave before this), nor this leave is an unpaid one (it's a nice, paid, annual leave, as I just got the title as a confirmed staff).

Took 21st Dec (which is today) to extend the holidays run for Hari Raya Haji yesterday, and 24th Dec (Monday) to cater for Christmas on Tuesday. So, that makes a.... 20/12/2007 - 25/12/07 holidays...

6 freaking days of holidays!

And that doesn't end here. I took 31st Dec as well. I'm sure you know holiday runs again from 29/12/07 - 1/1/07, which cuts through New Year's day, making it another 4 days of holidays!

6 + 4 = 10 days of holidays.

Oh wow.

Life has never been good like this. Now, I finally understand why working people enjoy off days, even if it's only a mere one day, Malaysian public holiday. Oh wait, I just remembered that Malaysia is one of the countries which has the most public holidays.

Guess this is the one and only reason that makes me proud being a Malaysian.

I'm such an unpatriotic b*st*rd.

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Grace Koh said...

10 days of holidays is just so nice! I don't have 24th and 31st off but most of my colleagues are. So it's going to be a lonely and quiet Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve in the office.